Bitpan Software

Smart Solutions to Complex Problems

Who we are

Bitpan Software is a multidisciplinary software engineering firm.
Our staff has built web and enterprise software for businesses ranging from international-reach corporations to startup shops working to get off the ground. Our experience is comprehensive: We've engineered backend batch processing and DevOps pipelines. We've deployed industry-standard web frameworks and built custom Single Page App frontends. We're experts in taming forgotten brownfield monoliths or devising resilient greenfield applications.

What we do


We work with your vision, to construct a detailed roadmap to success, minimizing speed bumps down the line. We'll help you fully flesh out your ideas, and schedule reliable milestones, for a successful product or feature launch.


We're curious, quick, and go deep. We'll design you an elegant solution with practically obsessive attention to detail, in one of our myriad language, framework, and stack fluencies, or adapt to your target technologies. We'll build your cloud infrastructure, stand up your SQL/NoSQL data stores, and code precise and maintainable app logic.


We're rigorous and thorough, developing extensive tests for future reliability, sniffing out existing unseen problems - and fixing them.


We'll equip you with CI/CD pipelines for on-prem or cloud targets for repeatable, push-button deployment, to help your team maintain and extend your new or existing assets.

Expert Guidance

We've got years of experience and excel at sharing it with your staff. We're driven to make the complex understandable, for tech and non-tech staff alike, and will train your staff to ensure the product's success down the road.

Code Archeology

If your organization has undocumented legacy codebases, we can help! Our team conquers this scenario regularly - we'll dig in, discover and document what's there, and become your new experts.

Contact us

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